Are you one of the thousands who are trying to lose some weight? For some of you losing weight is a long slow process, while there are just as many if not more out there that can’t lose any weight at all!

It doesn’t matter how much you exercise and how little you eat, you lose very little if any weight. But, you can fix that! The problem many women face is poor thyroid function. If your thyroid function is slow so is your metabolism.

A sluggish thyroid not only causes weight gain but you can also seem moodier than usual and stress seems to bother you more than it used to. Your desire for sex fades and you may have difficulty getting pregnant.

Your poor thyroid needs some pampering! Your thyroid needs extra support due to all the toxins in our lives that attack our thyroids and mimic our hormones. And they are everywhere and in everything!

Thyroid Loving Foods

But if you focus on adding foods, teas, herbs, and oils to your diet and care routine that supports and nourishes your thyroid, you will be rewarded with a faster metabolism and more balanced hormones throughout your body.

Not only do you get the list of thyroid boosting foods, but you also get meal plans with recipes to help increase your thyroid function and your weight loss.

Start showing your thyroid some love!

I have lost 47 pounds following this program! If you have a slow thyroid and an estimated 60% of women do, your thyroid will not allow you to lose any weight.