Thyroid Testing and Treatment Guide


Thanks for stopping by! If you are here it’s probably because you know something is not right. You have been to your doctor, talked to him about the fatigue, the weight gain, the moodiness. So, they ran a TSH test. When they called with the results, they said it was “normal.” But how can you be “normal” and feel this bad?

Well, there’s a reason for that! OK, several reasons!

1: Doctors are taught in medical school that the standard TSH test is all you need to run in order to diagnose a thyroid problem.

2: Those same doctors are also taught that the only prescription they need to write for thyroid disease if diagnosed is levothyroxine. (Also know by the brand name of Synthroid).

3: Many doctors don’t know that depression, anxiety, fatigue and weight gain are some of the most life-altering symptoms of a thyroid problem, but are often blamed on other health issues. For example, if you are over 50, many of those symptoms can be blamed on menopause.

I am pretty sure that many of you who are reading this have experienced the problems I mentioned above. I know I have!

I have struggled through many doctor appointments, several trips to have lab work drawn and have had many arguments with doctors, nurses, physician assistants, even receptionists over treating my thyroid disease. I knew I didn’t have to feel this awful!

So what changed? While talking to a friend of mine who has MS, she told me she had been seeing a functional medicine doctor. She shared that her current doctor focused on nutrition, supplements, and stress management. She told me her MS has not progressed, which she credited to her new treatment plan. She strongly urged me to try a more natural route to ease my symptoms.

I now see a functional medicine doctor and have not felt this well in years. However, sifting through all the choices was overwhelming. So, to help you determine the care you want and/or need, I put together this guide. I cover the types of doctors, the different forms of thyroid disease, the tests needed for a proper diagnosis, the treatment plans offered and the hormone medications available. I give you the information you need to make best choices for your health and your specific needs.

Just follow the link to get your guide. It is available for just $11.00. The PDF can be downloaded immediately and is printable.

Thank you and take care,