I have been asked several times recently if I have heard about a thyroid boosting weight loss program called The Thyroid Factor by Dawn Sylvester. I have to admit I thought 21-days to improve your thyroid and lose weight was a stretch. I hadn’t heard of the program but the number of inquiries made me curious so I decided to check it out. My name is Corri Peterson and I run a blog on thyroid health KnowYourThyroid.com

Here are my thoughts on The Thyroid Factor :

After reading through the sales page @ The Thyroid Factor I was intrigued so I purchased the program. The focus is on improving your thyroid function to make weight loss easier. Once your payment is approved the program is available for instant download. There are five sections, each one a separate pdf.

  1. The Thyroid Factor Main Manual
  2. The Thyroid Factor Quick Start Guide
  3. 101 Thyroid Boosting Foods
  4. 21 Day Meal Plan and Grocery List
  5. Thyroid Boosting Flat Belly Smoothies

The Thyroid Factor- Home Page

The Thyroid Factor 21 Day Weight Loss System
The Thyroid Factor 21 Day Thyroid Boosting Weight Loss System

The Main Manual

The main manual starts off explaining that the thyroid is a part of the endocrine system, which includes several glands in your body. She then goes on share the thyroid is also connected to a large and growing number of people, mostly women with thyroid autoimmune disorders.

Dawn shares that weight gain and fatigue are two of the common symptoms of this disease. This makes sense since your thyroid controls every function in your body. A slow thyroid means slow metabolism and exhaustion but also for many includes constipation, brain fog, exhaustion, and face puffiness.

Help Me Lose Weight
Stop Fighting the Thyroid Weight Loss Battle

She also shares the stories of how many have left their doctor’s office frustrated and feeling hopeless because they were told “everything is normal, you’re just getting older.” This is partly due to the fact that menopause symptoms often mimic thyroid disease symptoms, such as the weight gain, brain fog and crazy hormones.

She goes on to cover the controversies that are a part of treating thyroid disease. The test ranges used by conventional doctors versus the alternative care specialists are in constant debate and can vary quite a bit. The author also shares the problems you may encounter when looking for a healthcare provider who will run all the tests needed for a proper diagnosis. She tells how she spent 2 years going from doctor to doctor with each one telling her she fell into the ‘normal range’ after a few tests, even though she knew something was wrong.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Questions for Your Doctor Are Included

She gives you guidelines to follow when choosing a healthcare professional, encouraging you to find a provider who will listen, who will run all the tests needed and let you be part of your own healthcare. They include you in any decisions made for a treatment plan, should you need it.

The Thyroid Factor gets high marks for providing a list of questions to ask your healthcare provider during your visit. Asking these questions will give you a good idea of the care your provider is offering, allowing you to make a decision if that care is adequate. Ideally, you are looking for a provider who will treat the lab work and your symptoms.

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Recommended Thyroid Tests

Thyroid Testing Recommendations Are Included

Understanding the blood tests that are needed and what the results mean is also an important part of managing any thyroid problem. One of the most valuable sections in this manual is her explanation of these tests. You get a complete breakdown of these lab tests and why they are done. She also covers the testing done when thyroid nodules are present and cancer may be a concern.

Dawn goes on to discuss thyroid basics explaining the role the thyroid plays in metabolism, body temperature, and fatigue. She also shares how the endocrine system is spread throughout the body and includes the pituitary, adrenal, pineal, thyroid and parathyroid glands. The hormones from these glands work together to keep us healthy, and we suffer when they are out of balance. Her program focus is on improving the function and health of these glands, with the thyroid being top priority!

She gives you a list of many of the most common symptoms for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. You also learn all the body functions thyroid hormone regulates and the conversion that happens within your body to make those hormones usable.

Dawn stresses not to let the doctor tell you “we did the test and the numbers are normal” when you have several symptoms. If you have thyroid disease, you know how frustrating that statement is!

The Thyroid Factor also includes tips for navigating the insurance aspect of your healthcare. If you are considering an alternative care provider, be aware of your insurance coverage may not be accepted. She gives you tips to help get the tests and doctor visits covered.

This manual has so much useful information in it. I wish I had a reference such as this when I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. Honestly, much of the information in this program I didn’t learn until I started going to a functional medicine doctor.

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Quick Start Guide

Get Started Today!
Get Started Today!

Dawn starts off explaining the most important factors in thyroid health is the health of the digestive system. Her theory is that all energy (food) goes through this system, so it makes sense to start there. She encourages you by sharing the fact that there are many simple shifts you can make in your daily life that can add up to better thyroid health. Since the thyroid is in sync with so many other glands, you have overall better health.

You get advice on which foods decrease thyroid function, cause inflammation and should be eliminated or limited in your diet. Plus, she includes the foods that will improve your digestive health all while balancing your gut health.

Healthy Living Healthy Thyroid
Healthy Living-Starting Today

Included in the Quick Start Guide is a reminder of how to take you thyroid medication, and plus a warning about kelp and seaweed if you have an autoimmune thyroid disease.

She covers which foods increase thyroid function, to get your metabolism revved up and which foods offer the highest nutritional benefits for regaining your health.

Another important piece of the puzzle needed when working to regain your health are supplements. I know from personal experience that I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am now without the supplements I take. Thyroid disease (like many other diseases) depletes your body of certain vitamins and minerals. Many of which you just can’t get enough of through diet alone.

Another one of the valuable pieces of information in this program is the part about stomach acid. While you are lead to believe you have too much stomach acid, that is probably not the case! Guess what! If you have thyroid disease, especially autoimmune thyroid disease, you are probably low on stomach acid. She has the prefect solution to add more acid. I take this myself, and yes, it’s a life-saver! She shares her solution in the Quick Start Guide.

She ends the guide with a few teas, oils and herbs that are know to boost thyroid function.

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101 Thyroid Boosting Foods

Start With Thyroid Boosting Foods

101 Foods To Jump Start Your Thyroid

In this section of the program, Dawn shares foods, herbs, spices, teas, and essential oils that support your thyroid. I have found this guide to be a handy reference. As you go through the 21-day program, you will be feeling lighter due to losing weight but also simply because of fewer processed foods slowing down your digestion. You will turn to this guide more often to figure out if there are more foods and ingredients you can switch out to boost your thyroid function even more. I have a confession-I have become obsessed with a few essential oils since getting this program. Lavender, peppermint, frankincense and lemon have become a few favorites of mine.

Sensible Weight Loss Starts Here

21 Day Meal Plan and Grocery List

As you have noticed by now, Dawn’s program is based on a nutritional diet that nourishes your thyroid and your digestive system. She supplies 21 days of meal plans so figuring out what to eat is so simple. She has breakfast, lunch and dinner meals laid out so there is never the “what do I eat now?” question.

Cookbook Includes MealPlans

The Thyroid Factor Includes 21 Days of Meal Plans!

To make the program easy to follow, she has prepared a thyroid friendly grocery list. It is broken down into proteins, fats, nuts & seeds, vegetables, fruits, fermented foods, and spices & herbs. She even tells you where you can buy them!

FYI- if you can’t afford organic, you can clean your produce by soaking it for 10-15 minutes in a sink of cold water with a cup and half of white vinegar. Then just rinse and dry. The vinegar takes all the gunk off and you’re left with squeaky clean produce.

She also added a section on foods to avoid, plus added the foods to eat sparingly and ones to avoid. She has covered everything to make this life-changing program as easy and beneficial as possible!

The Thyroid Factor- Available here!

Bonus- Thyroid Boosting Flat Belly Smoothies

You Will Love These Thyroid Boosting Smoothies

The Thyroid Factor Includes These Thyroid Boosting Smoothie Recipes!

This is my favorite part of the program! These smoothies are worth the price of the program alone. It doesn’t matter if you like fruit based, chocolate or green, there is a smoothie for you. You can make a morning energizing smoothie, a smoothie to boost your immune system, one to give your thyroid a boost or maybe you just want a flatter belly! Some of them even do double duty. Plus, these smoothies are something the whole family can enjoy: my ‘meat and potatoes’ man even likes them and my grand-kids love making them. They know all the ingredients I have on hand for my smoothies, so they will pick and choose what they want in theirs, then blend them up. Those kids can come up with some pretty crazy combinations, it’s fun watching them experiment. The only rule they have is “if you make it, you have drink it.” Not only are they learning about healthy foods, they are having fun and making life-long memories.

FYI- whenever I need to eat but I’m not really hungry – I make a smoothie! I can add the ingredients I want to get the nutrition I need.

They also give you a few powdered additions for your smoothies to give you even more health benefits. I am a huge fan of raw cacao powder, adding this to some of the chocolate smoothies takes them to a whole new level! A chocolate lovers dream that is healthy!

While most of the time you think of smoothies as a morning energizer, if I have had a hard day at work and come home exhausted, I will mix up a chocolate smoothie to help get me through the evening. That boost plus a little nap gives me the energy to enjoy time with friends and family instead of just thinking about when I get to rest on the couch.

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The Benefits of Following The Thyroid Factor

This program is for those who want to focus their weight loss and improving their health on diet and life-style changes with as few medications as possible. The focus on improving your thyroid function to boost your metabolism makes weight loss much easier. Studies show that as many as 30% of women have low thyroid function leading to weight gain, constipation, and digestive issues. Many have no idea their thyroid is the problem so they suffer in silence!

End the Weight Loss Battle

It’s Time to Lose The Weight For Good

The program includes a grocery list and a 21-Day Meal Plan. They have included meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will learn the foods needed in your diet that support thyroid function. It helps ease the stress of knowing when and what to eat. No, you probably won’t like all of them. But, there is enough of a variety, you won’t have a problem making meals.

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The Thyroid Factor also teaches you the foods that slow thyroid function and cause inflammation in the body. By the time you have finished the 21 day program, you are feeling lighter, healthier and will have a over-all feeling of well-being. One person stated she is on her second 21-day period. She is feeling so much better she is just continuing with the meals.

Decrease Depression and Anxiety

The Thyroid Factor-Put an End to Depression and Anxiety!

Another bonus she didn’t mention is that when your thyroid function is better, your mental health is better. Since, depression and anxiety are common symptoms of thyroid disease, following this program will help ease those feelings along with reducing your stress levels.

You are given the knowledge to be able to add supplements and herbs to your diet that will support and nourish your thyroid plus they will benefit the other glands in the endocrine system. The better the endocrine system works together the better you feel.

You Deserve to Feel Better and Lose Weight

One thing you will find is that after 21 days, you will be feeling so good you won’t want to go back to the old eating habits. You will notice that certain foods make you sluggish and bloated, so you will start limiting them or avoiding them all together. You will naturally choose foods that you know nourish your body and boost your mood.

The knowledge you gain from this program is priceless. The program will jump-start your weight loss and get your thyroid functioning properly again. At the very least, you have some super healthy, easy to make recipes that not only boost your thyroid, but your whole body!

Who Will Not Benefit from The Thyroid Factor

This program is based on nutrition, so if you are not willing to prepare your meals and take control of health, then this really isn’t for you. The program avoids all processed foods and is based on organic fruits and vegetables, pasture-raised eggs and animal proteins. Think clean food, no additives, no processing, no cans, no boxes. All your meals start with single ingredients.

This is a life-style change. But, honestly, if you want to feel better and lose weight, things have to change! Nothing can change how you feel like a healthy thyroid!

The Thyroid Factor- Official Site

The Thyroid Factor is based on clean, organic food and that brings up another issue which is the cost of the food recommended in the program. I gave you the water-vinegar soak I use for my fruits and veggies earlier in the post to save on organics. Grass-fed meat and pasture-raised eggs can be expensive. However, you can do this program successfully if you are willing to be creative and open to change.

Toxins Affect Thyroid Function

Toxins in the Products We Use Everyday Slow Thyroid Function

The Thyroid Factor has another area the author didn’t address very well, which is all the toxins we are exposed to daily that are harmful to our thyroid and health. While I completely agree with the author that the way to improve our thyroid health is through nutrition, there are countless toxins in our cleaning products, our beauty products and our homes that also contribute to thyroid dysfunction. Reducing those toxins will also help to improve your over-all health and increase any weight loss efforts.

Just imagine having the energy and vitality to enjoy your family and friends. To be able to spend the day with them, going for walks, sharing healthy meals together or maybe some shopping without collapsing in exhaustion from the excess weight and the crazy hormones.

The Thyroid Factor Helps End fatigue

End the Fatigue So You Have the Energy For A Walk Again!

You deserve better!!! The benefits and knowledge you gain from this program will be life-changing. I am not saying following this program will be the easiest thing you will ever do but to be able to enjoy life again makes this totally worth while. With so many factors that contribute to poor thyroid function, this program is priceless! I know you can lose that weight and get your health back starting today!

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