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How Perchlorate Is Harming Our Children

Perchlorate is Harming Our Children

Perchlorate is harming our children. According to Tom Neltner,J.D. a new FDA report showing that perchlorate exposure to infants and toddlers increased 34% and 23% respectively between the years around 2005 and 2010. Most of us are not even aware of this danger to our children. I know I wasn’t. According to Wikipedia, most perchlorates…

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Thyroid Gland Toxins and Treatments

Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland resembles a factory which uses iodine in order to produce thyroid hormones that regulate the metabolism, promote growth and affect other important body functions. Its work can be influenced by other factors that may trigger different problems, specifically the instance of thyroid disease is working close to the epidemic in our country,…

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Why is Thyroid Disease On the Rise?

Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease is on the rise and once they have been diagnosed, many people start wondering why this disease developed and if it could have been prevented. The answer is complex and many different factors play into why you or a loved one developed the disease. Not only is thyroid disease believed to hereditary, more and more…

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How Stress Affects Your Thyroid

We all have stress we deal with everyday. It seems never ending! The problem is that chronic stress can lead to thyroid and liver problems. Your liver plays an important role in converting T4, a hormone produced in the thyroid gland that increases the rate at which our cells use energy, or metabolism. But stress will sometimes make…

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10 Things You Need to Know About Your Thyroid (#4’s a Doozy!)

Poor thyroid function causes more problems than most people realize. Here are 10 things you need to know about your thyroid to help you receive the treatment you deserve. This article was published on Thyroid Problems Come in Several General Varieties The most common forms of thyroid problems are: Hypothyroidism, which is under-functioning of the thyroid gland…

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No Thyroid Gland: 3 Things to Know

  Issue # 253   November 10, 2014 Welcome to KnowYourThyroid. Today, I have an article I found by the Holtorf Medical Group that talks about what to do if you have no thyroid gland. With the rise in thyroid cancer, more people are looking at life without a thyroid, so here are 3 things to…

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Your Thyroid Gland: Alternative Treatments

Issue # 150 November 7, 2013   Welcome to KnowYourThyroid. Today, Djehuty Ma’at-Ra will give you some alternative methods to help improve your thyroid function, including using the color blue. Who knew?? Enjoy! Corri   Your Thyroid Gland: Alternative Treatments By Djehuty Ma’at-RA The thyroid gland is a member of the glandular or endocrine system.…

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Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

Issue #  102 May 23, 2013 Welcome to KnowYourThyroid. Today we are going to cover symptoms that can be and are related to your thyroid function. I keep talking about symptoms because they can mimic many health problems or cause several health problems. Many who suffer from thyroid issues are not aware of how your…

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