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Why T3 Lab Tests Are Crucial

Lab Tests

T3 lab tests are crucial to understanding how your body is using thyroid hormone. The measurement of free T3 is telling you how much free and active thyroid hormone your body as available to work with. The TSH is a proxy marker for how well the pituitary is functioning but it does NOT tell you how…

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T3 Therapy Helps Ease Symptoms

T3 Thyroid Hormone Therapy

T3 therapy for hypothyroidism is a treatment many of us have a very difficult time getting.  However, new research shows that patients with hypothyroidism who were on long-term Synthroid (thyroxine T4) treatment despite not responding well saw improved outcomes after switching to combination triiodothyronine (T3) and T4 therapy, according to a researcher in Orlando. “While…

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Levothyroxine: A New Treatment Plan Is Needed


A new finding suggests that levothyroxine monotherapy does not deliver enough therapy for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine only monotherapy it seems is not the best treatment for hypothyroidism. The study shows that adding a T3 hormone to levothyroxine eased more hypothyroidism symptoms than levothyroxine alone. This is good news for those who still have symptoms they deal…

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