Are you trying to lose weight?

But, no matter what you try the pounds just won’t budge.

In fact, the scale just keeps creeping up.

You probably have tried every diet out there, even some you don’t want to
tell anyone about because they were so bizarre and crazy. But, you were
willing to try anything!

And, yet, here you are still trying to figure out what is wrong with you because no diet, no program, no amount of exercise has done anything to
help you lose any weight or to feel any better.

So, what gives! Even if you do manage to lose even a pound, you often find
you have gained two or three back?

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself:

My name is Corri Peterson. I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease in 2003.
I also have a blog: I share thyroid health
information with my readers, keeping them up to date on the new trends in
treatments, testing and how to stay healthy when dealing with a poorly
functioning thyroid.

OK. Back to the weight issue.

After treatment for my Graves’, I slowly became sicker and sicker and
heavier and heavier. So, about 3 years ago, after visiting several doctors
trying to find relief for my symptoms and a way to stop or just slow down
the weight gain, a friend of mine who has MS, suggested I see a functional
medicine doctor.

After finding a doctor I felt fit my needs; I needed a doctor who could also
write prescriptions due to my need for thyroid hormone. After my initial
consultation, which lasted almost 3 hours, he tested everything: blood,
urine, and saliva.

The results from the tests he had done were amazing. He explained how
the build-up of toxins and chemicals had created this toxic overload in my
body, starting with my thyroid. Since the autoimmune disease was never
treated, just the thyroid, I still suffered from those symptoms.

He laid out a plan. I received a three-inch-thick 3-ring binder that covered
all the steps I needed to take to heal.

Here’s what he shared with me:

The endocrine glands are the “masters of metabolism”. They direct
activities within the body by releasing chemical messengers called
hormones into the bloodstream.

These glands include:

Thyroid and Parathyroid
Ovaries and Testes Plus several other organs containing some Endocrine Tissues

The hormones in these glands regulate our mood, metabolism, sexual
function, growth, development plus several other functions.

He shared The Neuroendocrine Theory states that we age because our
hormones decline, rather than the reverse assumption that our hormones
decline because we age.

Most aging-related diseases have at their basis some hormone dysfunction:
imbalances, insufficient levels, or hormone resistance. Food, activity levels,
stress, environmental factors, and many drugs can alter the balance and
effectiveness of your hormones.

Furthermore, some cells become resistant to your hormones. The best-known hormone resistance is that of insulin resistance, found in diabetics.
Cells may become resistant to other hormones as well.

He explained how the chemicals, toxins and the border-line lead poisoning
in my body (that was a surprise), had made it impossible for me to feel
well, let alone lose weight.

He had pages of recommendations for me to follow.

He made it clear that if I was to get better I needed to clean up my diet and
remove as many toxins as I could from my body and my environment. This
included cleaning supplies, cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, water bottles,
plastic food containers, and processed foods. He advised me to look at
every aspect of my life and eliminate all the toxins I could.

One of the main areas he targeted was my diet. He discussed the chemicals
in our food supply that had most likely contributed to my autoimmune
thyroid disease, plus the family history of my grandmother having a goiter
removed. He bluntly told me if I didn’t follow his plan I wouldn’t get better.
And it mainly had to do with the chemicals in my food and environment
that were affecting how my hormones interacted with each other.

His plan included organic beef and chicken, organic fruits and vegetables,
whole grains, beans, and nuts. No Teflon pans, no plastics, no processed
food, no fast food.

He went on to explain if it’s not a whole food, it most likely has chemicals
added that are harmful to all my endocrine glands.

After doing some research on these chemicals he was talking about I
discovered they had a name: Obesogens.

These chemicals are found in most common household products,
cosmetics, plastics, pesticides, our food supply, and water supply. These
chemicals mimic hormones to disrupt your metabolism and cause obesity.
Once these chemicals are inside of us, even low doses can have a negative

Here are the most common and disruptive Obesogens:

BPA-bisphenol A– BPA mimics the structure and function of the
hormone estrogen. It also interacts with hormone receptors, like your
thyroid, altering their function. We know low thyroid is linked to weight
gain and out-of-balance estrogen and progesterone is contributed to
increased waist circumference, similar to what happens during menopause.
I also didn’t know that shopping receipts also contain BPA, so now I avoid

My doctor also made the observation that if you eat fresh, whole foods you
will automatically limit your BPA exposure. Plus, it’s worth noting that
many BPA-free products have just replaced BPA with bisphenol-S (BPS) or
bisphenol-F (BPF) which aren’t any better for our health or hormones.

PCBs polychlorinated biphenyls– These chemicals have been linked to
cancer as well as several other serious non-cancer health issues that
include your immune system, reproductive system, nervous system, and
endocrine system.

Phthalates– These chemicals are not a single chemical but a family of
chemicals that are linked to variations in sex hormone levels, problems
with genital development, and low sperm count. These chemicals have
been banned from products and toys for children under 3.

Microplastics– Microplastics are tiny particles of plastics that have made
their way into our lakes, rivers, and oceans leading to contamination of our
food and water. Plus, much of our food comes wrapped in plastic leading to
these tiny particles breaking off into our food. Over time these particles
leach off BPA and phthalates adding to our toxic overload.

Pesticides-are known to cause cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive
issues, neurotoxicity, kidney and liver damage, birth defects, and
developmental changes. We have all seen the ads for attorneys
representing victims of pesticide exposure.

Fluoride– is known for slowing thyroid function. It was given to women in
the 1950s to treat an overactive thyroid, however, you will have trouble finding anyone to willing admit fluoride can cause serious health problems.
After all, it helps prevent cavities doesn’t it!

Heavy metals- like lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic plus the
chemicals in air pollution also add to our toxic load.

Food preservatives– including bromates in bread, nitrates or nitrites in
processed meats, MSG, dyes, and artificial sweeteners all have a negative
effect on your body and hormones.

The body’s detoxification systems have difficulty processing artificial
chemicals that don’t occur in nature.

All these toxins and chemicals clog up the natural hormone balance in your
body, making it difficult for your hormones to regulate your body’s

I have probably just depressed you, but I want you to know, by just making
some changes in your lifestyle you can improve your health and increase
your weight loss efforts.

You will also notice that once you have removed these toxins and chemicals
from your diet, you start to notice your body feeling bogged down and
sluggish after eating processed foods.

I can understand if you are questioning what I have shared with you, but I
have lost 55 pounds and am in good health after following my doctors’
guidelines. No, it didn’t happen overnight but it was totally worth the

The best marker of how far I have come health-wise:

Since I have an autoimmune disease, I was considered a high risk for Covid19.

Then, I contracted Covid-19 at the end of July. However, the only symptoms I had were a slight runny nose, a mild headache, and diarrhea a couple of
days. That was it!

I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have come through the virus with so
few symptoms.

That experience has me convinced more than ever to guard my health in
every way possible.

If you need to re-balance your hormones, clear toxins, lose weight, and get
your health back, click here. I wish I had known about this when I was
working to regain my health.

Take the time to care for yourself!

Get started here!

Love and health to you,

Corri Peterson

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