Treating Subclinical Hypothyroidism When Pregnant

Treating subclinical hypothyroidism is always a huge debate, but when you add pregnancy into the mix, then you are taking that debate to a whole new level.

Research from studies shows a wide variety of outcomes from infertility, gestational hypertension, and low birth weight to no evidence of any problems when studying subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy.

The ongoing debate has to do with testing for subclinical hypothyroidism if a woman is pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Then they question if treating with levothyroxine has many benefits.

They do go on to say that women treated with levothyroxine while undergoing artificial reproductive treatments have better results than women who are attempting natural conception.

I always find it interesting that these studies only do tests with the thyroid medication levothyroxine, never natural hormones like AmourThyroid. I know that these studies on treating subclinical hypothyroidism or any type of thyroid disease are supported by the pharmaceutical companies who produce levothyroxine, but they always act like that pill is the only solution. And it’s usually not!

You can read the full article by Tori Rodrigues, MA, LPC, AHC here:

If you have hypothyroidism, you already know how hard it is to lose weight.

In this next article by Seema Prasad, she shares some basics of hypothyroidism and how it affects your metabolism. She goes on to share what to eat, stating that in the United States, iodine is easily available, so thyroid dysfunction due to iodine deficiency is less likely to happen. But, I disagree. Thyroid disease is on the rise and many people are now eating sea salt which has less iodine, so they are not getting enough of this vital mineral.

Could you use a few thyroid-loving recipes to boost your metabolism?

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