Do You Google Your Symptoms?

Do you Google your symptoms when you have a health concern? According to a recent survey, almost half of Americans look up their symptoms online. And they end up believing they have a more serious illness than they really do.

Do you google your symptoms? What about your healthcare makes you want to look beyond your healthcare professional for information?

The article goes on to share that 51% of those who do feel ill will check with a healthcare provider first. But a quarter of the respondents state they don’t have a primary care physician and over half of them avoid the doctor altogether.

“This survey shows us that a significant number of people are living with on-going, negative day-to-day symptoms that they either don’t understand or misdiagnose,” said Robert Mordkin, Medical Director of LetsGetChecked. “Many of these symptoms can be associated with thyroid issues.”

This article by Marie Haaland points out the frustration many thyroid patients feel when trying to get tested and treated properly for thyroid disease and why they will turn to home testing for answers.

I know I have looked up my symptoms on “Dr. Google.” That’s how I learned about Armour Thyroid. No doctor I had seen even gave me that option, even though my symptoms were nowhere near being controlled.

I can’t tell you how many different prescriptions I was offered by several doctors to ease my symptoms when changing to Amour Thyroid took care of most of them. If I hadn’t found my functional medicine doctor, I was planning on trying the home testing option. I totally understand their frustration with many doctors.

You can read the article here:

In this article by Bipasha Das in the Indian Outlook magazine, he shares the problems that hormone imbalances create and how you can ease the symptoms and rebalance those hormones.

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