Are You Missing Your Period But Not Pregnant

Are you missing your period but your not pregnant? Many women think pregnancy first when they miss their periods, however, there are several other reasons why your cycle may be off.

Stress, birth control, and your thyroid may be contributors to the problem. Many times there is an underlying health condition that is causing the missed periods.

You can read the most common reasons for missed periods in this article on the TimesofIndia website.

The following article by Trevor El Angell, MD on EndocrineToday is about thyroid testing for pregnant women. There is a lot of controversy about testing thyroid levels of women. Some doctors are very good about thryoid testing while many don’t believe that it’s even necessary!

The truth is that many women experience thyroid problems when they are pregnant. If testing will help a woman carry a baby to term, then why wouldn’t you test her thyroid levels? Plus, testing would also help ensure the proper development of the fetus. Again, why wouldn’t you?

The doctor who wrote the article was positive about prescribing levothyroxine to pregnant women and even in favor of testing FreeT4. This doctor also serves on an advisory board for IBSA Pharma, a maker of levothyroxine. It’s good to see a doctor in favor of thyroid testing because many don’t see the benefit and many won’t test for anything more than TSH. If you can get them to test at all!

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