Low Thyroid Hormones Are Linked to Miscarriages

Studies showing how low thyroid hormones are linked to miscarriages have been around for a while. But this story is from a woman who suffered three miscarriages before being treated for Hashimoto’s. After being treated, she was able to carry her daughter to 37 weeks.

The following story told by Leisa Papa to Matilda Rudd shares the heartbreak that miscarriages can bring. And how treatment can make dreams come true.


A study has found that nearly all brands of baby food have toxic heavy metals present. The organization tested containers from 168 types of baby food from 61 brands to levels of four different toxic heavy metals: cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury. The tests found that 94% of containers tested positive for lead. 73% tested positive for arsenic, 75% tested positive for cadmium and 32% tested positive for mercury. 26% of containers tested contained all four metals.

This is so sad that the manufacturers don’t care about the quality of the food they produce for infants. They must know the damage they could cause, but to put innocent babies at risk is inexcusable.

You can read the story from WBNS here:


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