Is Dairy Linked To Nasal Congestion?

Is dairy linked to nasal congestion? If you are like many people, including myself, you wouldn’t think so. However, the following article from the People’s Pharmacy explains the link between dairy consumption and nasal congestion.

I will also share that in August of this year when we were on vacation, we decided to stop drinking milk. Since I have Graves’ and he has COPD, we decided to see if the dairy linked to nasal congestion was a issue for us. This was difficult for both of us- Ron’s dad was a milk man when he was a child and I grew up on a farm with dairy cows. We both had drank milk all of our lives!

I am happy to report that the congestion is gone for both of us! My doctor had told me to limit my dairy to one serving a day, but I had no idea how much better I would feel avoiding all dairy!

You can read the article by Michael Hastings here:

Now another health concern in the news this week has to do with the chemicals in our food packaging, clothing, cookware that contain polyfluoroalkyls (PFASs). Four scientists from the Silent Spring Institute determined that they contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer.

You can read Marcia Wendorf’s report here:

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