Are Your Hands and Feet Always Cold

Are Your Hands and Feet Always Cold

Are your hands and feet always cold? Are you one of those people who get cold the second the temperature drops below 75 degrees? If you are, then I have good news for you! Now, I may not be able to make your freezing hands and feet go completely away, but I am sharing a few suggestions to help ease the discomfort.

First of all, the author states that most of the time, your cold hands and feet are due to your choice of winter attire. However, there are a few medical conditions that lead to being cold. She lists Raynaud’s syndrome, reactive microcirculation and low metabolic rate as three of the top reasons your hand and feet are always cold.

That low metabolic rate is also linked to low thyroid function. What many doctors won’t tell you or maybe they don’ know, is that if you take a natural thyroid hormone, those cold feelings go away! Now, I know this goes against everything they tell you, but it’s true!

I also know that to get a doctor to actually prescribe a natural thyroid hormone is like pulling teeth, but it’s well worth the effort.

You can read the full article by Karen Gordon here:

Since we just talked about thyroid function and being cold, maybe we should touch on some foods that may slow down your thyroid. They mention in all these articles that iodine deficiency is not an issue here in the U.S., however, with rise in thyroid disease, I’m not so sure.

With that being said, there are foods that do slow your thyroid function. In the following article, Georgia Ede,MD, shares some foods to avoid.

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