Managing Your Thyroid Health-It’s Up To You

Managing Your Thyroid Health-It's Up To You

Managing your thyroid health can seem like a never-ending nightmare! First, you have to find a doctor who will actually test for a thyroid issue. By this I mean a doctor who will test more than just TSH levels. Then, you have to have a doctor who believes that your TSH readings shouldn’t be above 4.0 mU/L. Many doctors offices have lab references that can go as high as 10 mU/L. TSH readings that high leave many to suffer with horrible symptoms. However, the American Thyroid Association recommends a narrower range of 0.5 to 2.0 mU/L to keep your symptoms under control.

The other problem with managing your thyroid health is to find a doctor who believes your symptoms are caused by a thyroid disorder. Before I found the functional medicine doctor I see now, I saw 5 different doctors who told me most of my symptoms were in my head. Plus, the belittling that I received for even thinking that Synthroid was not controlling my symptoms. This was followed by prescriptions for antidepressants, statins for cholesterol and a total refusal to prescribe any thyroid medication other than Synthroid or it’s generic equivalent. Yes, the “God factor” comes out in full force when dealing with some doctors!

In the following article by Aimee Mcnew, she shares 5 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your thyroid health. No, it’s not easy but your quality of life depends on it!

In this article by Kimberly Wilson, she shares 4 reasons why you may still be gaining weight even though you are working out. One of the reasons was water retention (a common problem for those with hypothyroidism) and the mention of a medical condition (hypothyroidism is also known to cause weight gain even though most doctors will not admit it!)

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