Can Pregnancy Cause Depression

Can pregnancy cause depression? How can this happy time be connected with the sadness of depression? How is that even possible? Studies show about 14 to 23 percent of pregnant women exhibit at least a few symptoms of depression, during their pregnancy.

This negative perception often comes in the way of getting the help women need. Therefore, it should be noted that women experience a range of feelings toward themselves and others during this trying time. They could display more sensitivity to things around them. For example, a disorganized room or sudden cancellation of plans can put them on edge. 

Hormonal changes during a pregnancy alters the brain chemistry of women and possibly disturbs their emotional balance. Most commonly, it is the thyroid hormone. If timely intervention is provided to them, they could be in better shape to look after their children and themselves.

In the following article by Seema Prasad, she shares the symptoms and the treatments for those whose pregnancy cause depression.

Are you looking to give your thyroid a boost this fall? Try adding pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to your diet! However, the experts recommend that you eat the seeds. That is where the most nutrients are!

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