Infertility Problems-Could It Be Your Hormones

What if your infertility problems were caused by thyroid hormones that aren’t optimized? Many women don’t realize this, but your thyroid hormones have a major influence on your ability to get pregnant. Many women find that when their thyroid is brought back into healthy hormone range they easily become pregnant. The added bonus is that usually if your thyroid is functioning well all your hormones will balance out naturally!

In the following article by Christin Perry, she shares what you need to know to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

If you are having problems getting pregnant, then this information might be of interest to you. In following article by Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, he shares information on infertility problems and also shares the right time to seek treatment if you are struggling to conceive.

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Would you be interested in a program that will improve your thyroid function so you can lose weight easily? And how about if that said program could help with your sex life and infertility? How about if that program would also help with your moodiness and help to ease your anxiety?

This sound to good to be true, doesn’t it! The truth is that an estimated 40% of women have low thyroid function. That lack of thryoid hormone in your body causes many issues including weight gain, moodiness, depression and anxiety, not to mention difficulty getting pregnant.

How do you increase the thyroid hormone in your body? There are at least 100 foods that support your thyroid. The problem is most doctors know nothing about nutrition and most of them don’t believe that nutritious foods can make a difference in your health.

Where do you find that information? I have a suggestion: a program called The Thyroid Factor. The author, Dawn Sylvester has made this as easy as possible. She gives you a list of 100 thyroid boosting foods. She includes 21 days of meal plans to help you feed and support your sluggish thyroid. And, to help you even more, she has included a bonus of smoothies recipes, all designed to boost your thyroid and jump start your weight loss.

Yes, it does sound too good to be true. But, much of the advice in The Thyroid Factor is the same advice as my functional medicine doctor gave me five years ago. My advice: treat your thyroid like a queen and it will reward you with health, happiness and the energy to enjoy your life!

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