The Missing Mineral Causing Thyroid Disease

There’s a missing mineral causing thyroid disease. You may be deficient if you are dealing with an autoimmune thyroid disease. Or if you are suffering with breast cancer or fibrocystic breasts. Did you know that these diseases have a greater chance of developing when there is a lack of iodine in your diet. I had a post just last week on iodine deficiency, if you missed it,you can read it here:

Then, this week, Dr, Browstein has an article on iodine deficiency. He shares that these autoimmune diseases are 8 to 10 times more likely to develop in women than men. According to Dr. Brownstein, women have much higher iodine requirements than men. The major reason is that women have more glandular tissue than men, particularly breast tissue.

In the following article by Dr. Brownstein, who practices holistic medicine, he shares his experiences with the missing mineral causing thyroid disease in his own family.

In this article on micetimes of india, they share the symptoms of low iodine in the body, plus the foods rich in iodine. They also mention the low incidence of iodine deficiency since the introduction of iodized salt. However, with so many suffering with symptoms of low iodine, you wonder if that is true.

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