Headache Remedies-Part 2

Did you try the headache remedies from last week? Did they work for you or like the author said “not every hack works every time.” If you didn’t get a chance to read Part 1, here is a link-https://knowyourthyroid.com/2019/08/23/are-you-a-frequent-headache-sufferer/

I personally like the peppermint oil plus coffee usually helps. So, now Amy is back with her second set of hacks.

I agree with the exercise hack. I always feel less stress after a walk. The boost of endorphins is a great way to ease your headache.

One trick I use is this- I have my guy massage my neck at the base of my skull. He uses his index finger and thumb, rubbing on both sides of the spinal cord. It feels like the blood vessels just open up, relieving the pain.

Amy mentions thyroid disease as a cause for headaches. I have had fewer migraines since I had my last medication adjustment and if I do get one, it’s not severe and I can manage it quickly.

Here’s Part 2 of Headache Hacks:

Have a great week!


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