Top 10 Warning Signs You Have Thyroid Problems

Do you know the top 10 warning signs of thyroid problems? You may be trying to figure out why you are gaining weight or why you seem so tired all the time. Or maybe, you seem sad or just can’t remember things the way you used to. The good news is that these symptoms are all related to low thyroid function. And you can fix that. Now, with that being said, I didn’t say it would be easy. It all depends on why your thyroid is not working like it should.

If it’s a slow functioning thyroid, you can boost it by removing foods and toxins from your diet that slow and damage your thyroid and add in foods and supplements that nourish and support your thyroid.

If you are dealing with an autoimmune thryoid disease, you have a difficult road ahead. Not only are you dealing with a sick thyroid, you also have an immune system that’s out of balance. You have to treat both to feel better. Just a reminder, it took months, if not years for your thyroid to become sick, it will take a some time and pampering for it to heal.

In this article by Robert J. Watson, he shares the top warning signs of thyroid problems.

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