Missing Mineral Causing Your Weight Gain

There may be a missing mineral in your diet that is causing you to gain weight. Plus, if you have symptoms like brittle nails, hair loss, brain fog and puffiness, that missing mineral may be iodine.

All those symptoms are linked to low thyroid function, which can be the result of not enough iodine in your diet. Low levels of iodine can mean your body’s thyroid hormones become depleted, which can lead to an under-active thyroid and weight gain.

Nutritionist Jessica Sepel shares how important iodine is to your thyroid health and simple ways to increase this vital mineral in your diet.


Super-charge your weight loss efforts by boosting your thyroid! Adding iodine rich foods to your diet is known to increase your thyroid function, so how would you like a list of 101 thyroid-boosting, weight loss foods to help with your weight loss journey? And how about a 21-day meal plan with a grocery list, to pamper and support your struggling thyroid?

The Thyroid Factor does just that! Experts believe as many as 60% of women have low thyroid function causing weight gain and fatigue! Just think how awesome it will be to end the fatigue and loose that weight!

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