Thinning Brows-Is Regrowth Possible

Thinning Brows-Is Regrowth Possible

Thinning brows and hair loss are two of the complaints from those with thyroid disease. One of the first tell tale signs of a thyroid problem is hair loss, be it your eyebrows, eyelashes or your head. Several have stated that it was their hairdresser who mentioned they should have their thyroid checked due to a symptom (usually thinning hair) they noticed.

So what do you do if you are dealing with thinning brows? One popular choice is growth serums and oils. Another choice is to use a few make-up tricks to help your brows look thicker.

In the following article by Alexandra Engler, she gives you some options on how to improve the look of those brows.

Do you feel you yawn too much? Did you know that there are several reasons why you may be yawning more?

In this article by News Track, they share the reasons you may be yawning so much.

I also found this article this week about brain fog. Now, if you have dealt with or are dealing with thyroid disease, you are aware of brain fog.

Linda Lewis-Daly shares the impact it can have on employees.

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