Cleaning Products Increase Osteoporosis Risks

Cleaning Products Increase Osteoporosis Risks

Cleaning products increase osteoporosis risks according to a new study. It was found that women exposed to triclosan were more likely to develop osteoporosis. The condition causes weak and brittle bones.

Researchers from health institutions in China conducted the study to explore risk of triclosan, which is a commonly used chemical in antibacterial products like hand sanitizer, soaps, toothpastes and mouthwash.

In the following article, Garima Arora shares why it is believed that cleaning products increase osteoporosis risks, plus she also gives tips on how to prevent the disease.

Here’s a question for you- How many of you take biotin for your hair, skin and nails? We have all heard that biotin is the save all for beautiful hair, strong nails and clear skin, but there is a downfall!

The FDA has reported an increase in negative reports connected to biotin, including possible misdiagnoses of heart problems, thyroid tests and vitamin D levels.

In this article, Megan Seligman shares what you need to know!

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