Autism and Thyroid Disease-Is There A Link

Autism and thyroid disease have both been on the rise and a growing number of studies are linking the two. Several researchers share mounting evidence of this connection.

Dr. Raphael Kellman believes autism and thyroid disease are closely related. His study showed that 75 percent of children with autism have undiagnosed thyroid problems often due to unreliable blood tests.

Congenital hypothyroidism is normally detected upon completion of the routine newborn screening. These blood tests include T3, T4, and TSH – all of which determine the possibility of an underactive thyroid gland. In the US, one in 4,000 newborns is diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism every year. However, Dr. Kellman mentions in his report that cases of low thyroid function can go undetected due to inaccurate or inefficient blood tests.

The doctor also notes that many of the symptoms of autism and hypothyroidism overlap leading to missed diagnosis issues.

Women with hypothyroidism who get pregnant are also at risk of having a child with hypothyroidism if not detected early in pregnancy. A number of studies have proven that children who have hypothyroid mothers are at risk of developmental disorders and learning disabilities in addition to acquiring hypothyroidism.

You can read the full article by Kin Barloso and published on Autism Parenting magazine. Please share this information with any woman who is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant.

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