Graves Disease Management Thru Diet

Graves disease management is difficult but it may be easier to manage your symptoms if following a plant-based diet. Graves disease is an auto-immune disease that causes your thyroid to make too much thyroid hormone.

For the many who suffer with Graves, there are certain food groups known to cause problems. These include gluten, dairy, seafood and certain meat products. Also, keep in mind that iodine is a factor with Graves disease so beware that foods like dairy, bread and salt all have added iodine.

There are also certain food groups that help when dealing with Graves. Since bone density is a issue with Graves, it is important to include foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. Magnesium and selenium are also crucial.

In the following article, Chelsea Debret shares the foods that can help with your Graves’ disease management, plus she has included recipes to help you incorporate these thyroid friendly foods easily into your diet.

Kelp is a food many with thyroid disease have heard about on a regular basis. It has even been compared to kale. Now kale has been a food craze for a while due to it’s nutritional values. But what about kelp? Can kelp be all that kale is?

In the following article by Anna Domanska, she shares the problems with kelp, both with farming and with consumers beliefs about the taste.

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