Scar Free Thyroid Surgery Available

Scar free thyroid surgery is now available at a few medical centers in the U.S. The procedure was developed in Thailand 2014 and since 2016 has been performed here. The patients that have had the surgery have reported minimal pain and discomfort. Although lack of scarring is the main benefit of this type of surgery, reduced risk of nerve damage and less pain are also benefits from this type of surgery.

Many thyroid surgery patients are thrilled this no-scar surgery is now an option!

You can read the full article by Mandy Erickson here:

Opiods have been in the news lately, a lot! The reports of addiction are everywhere. Now, pain medication has been around since the 50’s when codeine was the common pain medication prescribed. Back then people were concerned that codeine would cause addiction. However, driven by the advertising of the pharmaceutical companies, controlling pain has become something to control at all cost.

With overdose deaths on the rise, that may be changing. In a new study, a group of researchers at the University of Michigan found that when people undergoing surgery were educated about non-opioid pain relief options, more than half of them used no prescription opioids after their procedures.

In this article by Shawn Radcliffe, she shares the options offered for pain management and how knowledge of what to expect after a surgery has helped decrease the use of opiods. Hopefully, this will help reduce the addictions and deaths from this dangerous drug!

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