Hypoechoic Thyroid Nodules

Hypoechoic thyroid nodules are nodules that show up during medical examinations or on scans and are normally darker than the thyroid tissue around them. This darker color of the tissue suggests that the lump is solid rather that fluid-filled or cystic. This darker color also hints to an increased chance of thyroid cancer.

According to the American Thyroid Association, about 5% of thyroid nodules develop into thyroid cancer. The ATA also shares that hypoechoic thyroid nodules have a higher occurrence of developing cancer than cystic or fluid-filled nodules.

Although doctors don’t know what causes thyroid nodules, Hashimoto’s
thyroiditis and iodine deficiency are two conditions that increase your risk of developing thyroid nodules.

You can read more about thyroid nodules and how they are treated in the following article by Shannon Johnson. It was posted on Medical News Today’s website.


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In this article on the Independent Record, they share 4 health conditions that can lead to a slow metabolism and weight gain.


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