6 Required Nutrients That Are Most Often Deficient

There are 6 required nutrients that are most often deficient in the typical diet. For those who suffer with thyroid disease, being deficient means supplementation is needed to improve your health.

However, you shouldn’t just start taking these supplements without proper testing of your current levels. Treatment of thyroid issues is quite often complex, especially if you have an autoimmune thyroid disease. Supplementing without testing can lead to toxic reactions so be sure to check with your doctor before starting any additional supplements.

You can read the full story about those required nutrients on The Times of India here:


Many of us check the labels of the food we purchase but how many of us are just as diligent when it comes to reading the labels of our beauty products? Many consumers already try to avoid triclosan which is found in most toothpastes, soaps and deodorants due to the fact it’s known to disrupt thyroid and reproductive hormones. However, there are many chemicals we are exposed to daily which can lead unwanted health risks. 

In March, the California Legislature proposed a bill that would ban the use of cosmetics that contain 20 highly toxic chemicals that are known to cause health problems such as mercury, lead and formaldehyde.

You can watch the local news report on the dangerous chemicals in our beauty products here:


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