Why Bad Cholesterol Isn’t Bad for Your Thyroid

Why Bad Cholesterol Isn't Bad for Your Thyroid

Bad cholesterol is a term that most of us have heard from our doctor during a checkup. Checking your cholesterol levels is normally included whenever lab work is done. Once that test is complete, the majority of Americans are encouraged to start on a statin due to our “bad” cholesterol being too high.

The truth is that your thyroid actually needs cholesterol to function properly. Now, add to the mix the fact that cholesterol has never been the cause of heart disease and you have a whole different look at what modern medicine wants us to believe about our health.

If you look at history, you will discover that hypothyroidism was linked to heart attacks back in the 1890’s. Studies show the connection between poor thyroid function and the rise in bad cholesterol.

So, with all these studies and research, why do doctors insist that we take statins? If you ask a doctor why they want you to take a statin, they will recite how those said statins reduce heart disease, even though there is absolutely no proof. Plus, the American College of Cardiology issued new guidelines in 2018 for screening that includes just about everyone over 40 to see if they might need a statin to reduce their risk of heart disease.

Another area of statin research is the connection to Alzheimer’s disease. Studies are linking the lack of cholesterol (good or bad) in the brain to the development of certain types of dementia including Alzheimer’s.

The following article was written by Tom Brimeyer, the author of the Hypothyroidism Revolution. He specializes in helping people improve their thyroid function and their lives.

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