Losing weight when your thyroid refuses is one of the most frustrating things ever! While there are many symptoms that are common with thyroid disease, uncontrollable weight gain is one of the most discouraging. It seems you just look at food and you gain 5 pounds. It adds to the depression and anxiety already common with thyroid disease.

Is there a solution? In this article posted on the Virgin Island Daily News, they share tips to lose weight. The first tips is to visit a doctor to see if a synthetic thyroid hormone medication help. First of all, the synthetic hormone they always want you to take is only a T4 hormone. But, your thyroid makes more hormones than just T4. It also makes T3, although in much smaller amounts, the approximate ratio is 14 to 1. It’s the T3 that is converted from the T4 that works the magic, because T3 is the active hormone. That’s the hormone your cells can actually use!

Many thyroid patients find that adding T3, either with synthetic or natural, eases their symptoms and stops the weight gain. I know I had no success with weight loss until I changed to natural hormones.

When starting exercise, I agree with the starting slowly, but if you have thryoid disease, you may never get past that point. For myself, walking a mile most days and doing very light weight training is all I do. That and clean eating has lead to a 45 pound weight loss. The daily walk is a major mood booster and eases my anxiety. The low-impact aerobics mentioned are off the table for me. Too strenuous and exhausting!

If losing weight when your thryoid refuses to help has you frustrated, know that you can lose those extra pounds with patience, the right medications and a few life-style changes.

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Need a simple boost of thyroid healthy nutrients? Try adding a few Brazil nuts to your diet. They are a good source of selenium which aids metabolism, so you lose weight faster. You can argue with that!


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