Sunscreen Safety- What You Need to Know

Sunscreen Safety- What You Need to Know

Sunscreen safety is a concern now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Fears range from the chemicals that get into the body and disrupt thyroid and reproductive hormones to the banning of certain sunscreens due to the harm they cause coral reefs. Then, there is the concern about people not getting enough vitamin D.

In this article by A. Pawlowski, she shares the two types of sunscreen approved for safety plus a video on how to choose an effective sunscreen.

Many people take care to avoid chemicals in their food and beauty products, but many do not pay any attention to the chemicals in or on their furniture and textiles.

In this article by Laura Kern, she shares information on 4 chemicals that have been shown to be harmful to humans.

She addresses how to avoid the most harmful ones and offers solutions. While there are no foolproof answers, she does share good, better, and best alternatives for each issue.

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