Pregnancy and Chronic Disease: Be Your Own Advocate

Pregnancy and Chronic Disease: Be Your Own Advocate

Pregnancy and chronic disease can cause a multitude of problems when pregnant or trying to conceive. Megan Markle’s pregnancy has been and continues to be news due to the fact she is handling her pregnancy on her own terms. That is what this article is about: being your own advocate for your heath. Many who deal with chronic illness know their body, how it responds to certain medications, and if there is a problem. If you have a chronic illness, you are concerned about about your health and the baby’s health when pregnant.

Erin Boyle shares her experience of suffering a miscarriage and her advocating for better care during pregnancy or when dealing with any chronic disease.

This article from MDLinx shares how thyroid problems can affect you and your unborn baby. They explain how the different thryoid issues are treated during your pregnancy.

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