Ashwagandha Could Help Ease Hypothyroidism

Ashwagandha could help ease hypothyroidism symptoms according to a new study. The study has shown that those suffering from subclinical hypothyroidism have had their hormone levels return to normal after treatment. Also, those with bipolar disorders noticed an improvement in their mood. Even though this article by Amber Greenfield is a lead-in for NutraHerbals and their Ashwagandha, I find it very encouraging that it helps with sub-clinical hypothyroidism. You can read her full story here:

I also found this article by Caitlin Dow and posted on CommonHealth discussing how ashwagandha is not helpful for easing stress or depression.

In the article, Rashmi Mullur, an assistant professor of medicine at UCLA with board certifications in endocrinology and integrative medicine, states that “the idea of balancing our hormones with a supplement is kind of silly,” she adds. “Our bodies have incredibly nuanced mechanisms for balancing hormones. And hormones have different effects all over the body. If you take a supplement that affects a hormonal pathway, you have no way of controlling its effects. It could make your symptoms worse.”

The bottom line is you have to take care of your own body and it’s specific needs. I prefer the approach of having all levels tested so you know exactly what needs to be supplemented. I would also consult a doctor who specializes in thyroid care and nutrition, they should be able to advise you based on your symptoms if a supplement like ashwagandha could be helpful.

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