Optimize Your Thyroid-You Will Feel Better

Optimize your thyroid- what exactly does that mean? If you have thyroid disease, you are probably taking thyroid hormones, but are your symptoms controlled? Or do you still deal with some or all of these common problems: fatigue, memory loss, coldness, low energy, thinning hair, dry skin, constipation and weight gain? Plus, slower metabolism leads to higher cholesterol, yet another symptom of hypothyroidism.

The point I am getting to is this: if your thyroid medication is not replacing the type of thyroid hormone your body needs, you will still have symptoms. For most that means adding more T3 hormone.

The following article by Warren Slaten, M.D., he explains the different types of thyroid disease and the best hormones to treat the specific disease. This is one of the best breakdowns of the types and treatments available I have read.


This is a subject many with hypothyroidism struggle with: weight loss. In this article by Emma Pritchard, she gives advice on how to lose weight if you have thyroid issues. She makes some good points about diet and your food choices, but many who have fatigue problems would struggle with the one hour weight training sessions.


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