The Best Foods for Hypothyroidism

Best Foods for Hypothyroidism

The best foods for hypothyroidism can improve your condition by easing your symptoms. These foods can help improve your thyroid function to supply needed hormones. The main nutrients that improve thyroid function are iodine, selenium and zinc. Iodine is a important nutrient to avoid thyroid problems, however the author shares that in the United States iodine deficiency is uncommon due to the use of iodized table salt. But, the use of iodized salt has decreased as the popularity sea salt has increased, causing some to experience low iodine levels.

Shannon Johnson also shares the foods that slow thyroid function and then gives you a 7 day meal plan stating the best diet for a person with hypothyroidism contains plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and a moderate amount of healthful carbohydrates. You can read all her advice here:

Since we are exploring foods that are good for hypothyroidism, I ran across this article from the Times of India that shares additional foods that help produce hormones and help to improve your immunity.

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