Were You Born Fat?

Were you born fat? That is a question many have asked! I ran across this article and not only did the title catch my eye, it brought up many memories. The article started with a grandma fighting being fat and continued with mom fighting the battle and then the daughter.

My family has the same pattern when it comes to the fight to stay slim. My grandmother had her thyroid removed and struggled with her weight, my mother was constantly on a diet (cottage cheese and canned peaches were her go to) and both of them were relentless in their nagging about my weight.

This article by Midget Faded Rattlesnake was recommended by members on Ricochet is and a perfect example of how many of our grandmothers were. She speaks of their iron will and I know that describes both of my grandmothers.


This article shares how a hormone imbalances can change your quality of life. Cathy Cassata shares how many times stress is the trigger to those imbalances. She then explores how diet can help make those needed hormones.


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