Is Chronic Fatigue Linked to Low Thyroid

Chronic fatigue is being linked to low thyroid, specifically low T3. Doctors are finding that TSH tests are insufficient to assess thyroid functioning in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia patients.
Standard thyroid tests are often negative in ME/CFS and FM but Dr. Bateman has stated that about a third of her ME/CFS patients are hypothyroid.

Dr Holtorf – who has published on thyroid issues – believes the standard TSH tests are looking in the wrong place. Those tests assess the pituitary’s role in triggering thyroid hormone production. Holtorf asserts, though, that pituitary thyroid hormone levels often do not reflect the profound thyroid hormone reductions in other parts of the body in many people with ME/CFS and FM.

Holtorf believes that thyroid tests that more directly measure thyroid levels (free T3) or thyroid hormone inhibitors (reverse T3; free T3/reverse T3) as well as other metabolic and inflammatory tests (basal metabolic rate, SHBG, leptin, ferritin, tendon reflexes) should be incorporated into standard ME/CFS and FM testing.

You can read the full story by Cort Johnson and posted on ProHealth here:

For those who are always tired, it isn’t always CFS. There are several reasons why you are exhausted. In this article by Ganna Ismail, she shares a few causes for that exhaustion:

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