Losing Weight When Hypothyroid

Losing weight when hypothyroid is challenging at best. I know very few people with thyroid disease who don’t have weight problems. You know how this goes: without enough thyroid hormone, you develop fatigue. It seems you just want to lay down and nap every chance you get! Also, your metabolism slows, so you don’t burn calories like you should. Your whole world is moving in slow motion. And you can’t stop the weight gain. Then, depression sets in and you just don’t care! Can you tell I have experienced this?

So, how did I lose weight? First of all, I changed doctors. I found a functional medicine doctor who could write prescriptions. I have had RAI treatment so I have little to no thyroid and need thyroid hormone. FYI: Not all functional medicine or alternative medicine doctors are licensed to write prescriptions. He tested all my hormone, vitamin and mineral levels. He tested my adrenals and checked for heavy metal toxicity. ( I had extremely high levels of lead in my body.)

He then set up a plan for improving my health and energy. He increased my thyroid medication (Armour Thyroid), wrote prescriptions for Progesterone and B12 which helped with insomnia and ordered suppositories to remove the lead from my body.

He also gave me a list of supplements: this included B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, fish oil and Betaine HCI to help with the acid reflux symptoms. The doctor explained that what I thought was too much stomach acid was actually not enough acid so I had trouble digesting food and using the nutrients. It was a challenging life-style change but worth the effort. I lost 45 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years.

In the following article by Arch and posted on Redorbit, he gives you tips to help you lose weight. Many of them I do, such as walking, taking supplements, drinking lots of water and avoiding processed food as much as possible. You can read it below:

This is a fun story about a singer who had thyroid surgery and when she returned to the stage, her surgeon was in the band. It was posted on CBC site:


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