Spring Cleaning-Avoiding Toxic Cleaners

Spring Cleaning-Avoiding Toxic Cleaners

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Now, for those of you who were not raised with the cleaning rituals of spring and fall housecleaning you don’t know what you missed! Everything gets cleaned from windows and curtains, floors, rugs, walls and ceilings. And everything in between!

When I was a child I never gave much thought to the cleaning products that were used. My mother was a fan of Hi-Lex bleach, but I don’t remember many other cleaners. Now the selection of cleaning products is overwhelming. The problem with most of those cleaning products is that they contain harmful chemicals that are known to cause cancer and many other diseases. Yes, even my mother’s Hi-Lex!

In this article by Jenn Sinrich, she shares the 13 most toxic cleaning products and what you can use instead.


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