Do Menopause Symptoms Mimic Thyroid Disease?

Menopause is probably the first thing that comes to mind when fatigue, depression and hot flashes start, but with all those symptoms, it could be your thyroid. Many times thyroid disease will develop during your 40’s and 50’s with the symptoms mimicking menopause.

So, if you are having symptoms, you might want to have your thyroid function tested to rule that possibility out.

Even though this article by Lyndsay Nyawira is from Kenya, it highlights the problem of thyroid disease being misdiagnosed or untreated world-wide.

If you are having thyroid issues and your doctor has scheduled you for a thyroid ultrasound exam, you are more than likely a little nervous. I don’t blame you. Here is a short video from Diagnostic Imaging’s blog explaining the procedure! It is a short, pain-free test!

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