EPA's Action Plan To Regulate Chemicals In Drinking Water

The EPA’s action plan to lower the amount of harmful chemicals in our drinking water across the country has been made public.

The plan was created to help establish a maximum contaminant level for Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, or PFAS, which are man-made substances found in various household items, including food packaging, cleaners, water-repellent fabrics, Teflon-coated cookware, and cleaning supplies, USA Todayreported.

The chemicals have been suspected to cause reproductive and developmental, liver and kidney, and immunological effects. Other research has shown that the substance can also contribute to low infant birth weights, thyroid problems and some cancers.

In this article by Clyde Hughes, you can read the EPA’s new plan:


Then I ran across this article: it’s like a response to the EPA’s action plan I just referred to in the previous article. The article was written by an Editorial Board and states that the new plan does not go far enough to protect us.

You can read the full editorial here:


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