Low Free T3 Syndrome: Are You At Risk?

Low Free T3 Syndrome

Low Free T3 Syndrome is a fairly new term. Well, as far as thyroid testing goes. This test has been around for about 15 years. Thirty five years ago there was no test for thyroid function. Doctors relied on temperature and your symptoms. If there was a diagnosis of low thyroid function, the doctor would prescribe natural thyroid from pig thyroid glands. Then lab testing was developed to test T4 and TSH and everything changed!

Many who have low thyroid function do not get treatment because many doctors do not believe they need to test for low Free T3, but as the following article reveals; nothing could be further from the truth!

Read here why Dr. Charles Ahner of Ahner Medical Clinic believes as many as 80% of his patients need T3 supplementation.


If you have thyroid disease there is a good chance you are overweight. Now, before you get offended or defensive, I will share that two years ago I weighed 45 pounds more than I do now. That was before finding a doctor who helped me manage my autoimmune thyroid disease. Diet, supplementation and a medication correction all lead to the weight loss. Not easy to make the changes but worth it, I feel better than I have in years.

In the following article, Satkam Divya shares the health risks from being overweight, including cancer.


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