Misdiagnosis: A Common Problem

Misdiagnosis is a common problem with our current medical system. There are healthcare providers who have a tendency to believe they are God! I have personally experienced this! They will listen to you explain your symptoms and then jump to the conclusion you must need an antidepressant or anxiety medication to control your issues.

It’s very common for thyroid conditions to be misdiagnosed. Thyroid symptoms—including fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, depression, and hair loss—can be caused by any number of other conditions. And it doesn’t help matters that women in general tend to be misdiagnosed by doctors more frequently than men. And when you shares symptoms like depression and anxiety, many doctors stop right there and hand out prescriptions!

In this article, Amanda Gray shares her experience on the Prevention site. You can read it below:


This article by Elizabeth Pace shares the heartbreak that comes with undiagnosed disease. She shares how diabetes can complicate a previous diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. You can read her story here:


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