Thyroid Nodules: What You Need to Know

Thyroid nodules and the problems they cause are written about every week. However, when I ran across this article about thyroid nodules, I realized I know very little about them. Since they are fairly common, I am sharing this article by Tolu Ajiboye, who explains the symptoms, causes, how they are diagnosed and what the treatment options are.

Many times thyroid disease can be difficult to diagnose because so many of the symptoms mimic other problems. Those symptoms can come on gradually or suddenly appear. Sometimes, those symptoms are noticed by others, like your hairdresser or dermatologist. I know the first to notice my symptoms was my gynecologist, he was checking my heart and told me it was racing! He then told me to wait a minute, he went next door to get a oncology colleague and I had a quick thyroid check where the colleague determined I didn’t have thyroid cancer but did have a swollen thyroid. They both recommended further evaluation and that was when I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease.

In this article by Amber Brenza, she shares 7 symptoms that are typical for thyroid issues and why you should have them checked out:

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