Hypothyroidism Flares: Do You Have Them?

Hypothyroidism flares happen when you least expect them but can throw your life into a free fall. We know how it goes; everything is going fairly well and then all of a sudden it seems the world has crashed around us!

You go from feeling fairly well, you are getting things done, you are having a good life, your symptoms are under control. Life is good! And then, all hell breaks loose! You are so cold it feels like you will never warm up, your skin and scalp are dry and itchy. You gain weight just looking at food and forget where you left your keys. Not to mention the the exhaustion!

So, what is going on? The first thing is the cold weather. Some doctors will increase your thyroid hormones because of the season. They know the cold weather causes hypothyroidism flares. However, that is not the only cause.

In this article, Mary Shomon shares the common causes of flares and what you can do to calm them.


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