Thyroid Symptoms: Is It All In Your Head?

Thyroid symptoms can be varied and blaring or they can be subtle and mildly annoying. But, there are a few symptoms that many who have thyroid disease mention. The first one I had and struggled with a lot was being cold. I was always freezing cold. It felt like the cold was deep in my bones. It wasn’t until I switched medications from Levothyroxine to Armour Thyroid that the cold feeling went away.

In this article by Nikki Cagle, she shares 4 symptoms that many thyroid patients suffer with: #1 is being cold, which I mentioned above, #2 is being moody, #3 is weight gain and #4 is depression.

I have rarely talked to those who have hypothyroidism who don’t mention at least one of those symptoms. I know that when my thyroid hormone levels are low, being moody is not even on the scale! I am bitchy! Actually, it ‘s beyond that! My partner, Ron, with say very carefully: “Have you checked your thyroid lately?” He knows the ups and downs of this disease and will tell me when he notices my mood is off and will tell me.

You can read about the other symptoms here:


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