Heart Failure Linked to Thyroid Problems

Heart failure is being linked to sub-clinical hypothyroidism and low T-3 thyroid hormones. But, if you need a thyroid hormone, what do they give you? They will only give you T-4. This comes with the explanation that your body will convert that T-4 hormone to T-3 hormone. Research suggests there are groups of people who might benefit from thyroid treatment who aren’t getting treatment right now. The problem is the study was done only on white men. The majority of those with thyroid disease are women. So, why wasn’t the study done on women?

This article was published on the American Heart Association, Inc. website. You can read the full report here:



This is a commentary by Jill Ryan explaining the importance of regulating toxins we are exposed to everyday! The health impacts these toxins have on our lives are well-known, but the government has not released the reports on how dangerous these toxins can be. You can read Jill’s report here:



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