Women's Fertility Affected By Mild-Low Thyroid

Women’s fertility can be affected by many things and one of those things can have an influence on a women’s fertility, her health and the baby’s health and development. What one thing could possibly be that important to their health? It’s thyroid hormone! Doctors have known for some time that women with low thyroid hormone levels struggle with fertility, but this study suggests that difficulties can arise even when the thyroid — a butterfly-shaped gland near the throat — is functioning at the low-end of the normal range. Generally, hypothyroidism is diagnosed when a person has a TSH level of 4.5 or 5, however, some experts believe that a TSH level of 2.5 indicates a person at risk of hypothyroidism who might even be experiencing some early symptoms, according to Dr. Pouneh Fazeli.

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I ran across this article this week by Amber Leventry and I definitely have mixed feelings about it.  She shares how she was concerned about protecting her thyroid during a mammogram. She covers how thyroid cancer is on the rise, but is the most treatable of cancers. She also shares that the exposure to radiation during a mammogram is minimal and we shouldn’t be concerned. I disagree, if thyroid cancer is on the rise and one of the risk factors is radiation, I feel we should all be concerned. You can read the article and make your own decisions.

What To Know About The ‘Thyroid Guard’ When You Get A Mammogram


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