Post Natal Depression or Is It Your Thyroid

Post natal depression affects many women and many times it is diagnosed as depression and anxiety. However, sometimes it is your thyroid that is causing the upset. For some women, they are at home settling into  life with their new baby and then the post natal issues start showing up. This disease starts showing up 4-6 weeks after giving birth. Your thyroid can stay in an overactive state for three-six months, move into an under-active state for six-twelve months and then either return to normal or stay under-active forever.  The author, Courtney Rothburg, also shares how her doctor scoffed at her when she mentioned her diet to help with this condition.

You can read her full story here:


In this article by Susan Patterson, she shares her concerns about fluoride. She has the negative uses of fluoride in the past and how it is negatively affecting us and our children now.

This “Healthy” Bottled Drink Contains a Deadly Neurotoxin: Here’s What You Should Do


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