BPA And Cash Register Receipts

BPA and cash register receipts may be causing more health problems than you realize! Countries in Europe and Canada have banned the use of this chemical in baby bottles and in 2011, France banned the use of BPA in any food or beverage packaging. However, the FDA has decided the ban was not necessary here in the United States! The FDA has considered BPA safe at low doses. OK….what??? Why would some countries ban a chemical but not other countries? It has to do with how the studies were conducted. The problem is that BPA is transferred by being absorbed through the skin, with cash register receipts being a big part of that problem. Add to that, the problem of absorption increased by lotion or hand sanitizer use!  A fact that was ignored by the study.

You can read about this issue in the following article by Dr. Michael Greger. He also has a video about BPA and cash register receipts he shares.



In this article by Amy Hamper, she shares several medical conditions that get misdiagnosed quite often. And yes, thyroid disease is one!

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