Always Cold

Are you always cold? Do you have several layers of clothing on when everyone else has on t-shirts and tank tops? The good news is that there are a few things you can do to ease that cold all the time feeling! First of all, if you are hypothyroid, you more than likely are cold, most of the time. In this article by Melissa Bartlett, she shares several reasons why you are cold and several of them are symptoms of hypothyroidism. I will share that when I switched my thyroid hormones from levothyroxine to Armour Thyroid, the “frozen to the core” feeling went away!


Another common symptom many of us share is fatigue. There again, those of us who have hypothyroidism deal with fatigue on a regular, if not daily basis. But, there are other reasons why you may be tired. In the following article, Dr. Halit Yerebakan shares several health problems that could lead to your exhaustion.


For all the chocolate loving fans out there: here is a wonderful chocolate cake recipe that is gluten and sugar-free! Also included is a recipe for vegan caramel, it’s awesome! This all started when Laurel Gallucci was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. She was gluten-free with nothing to ease her sweet tooth, so she created this chocolate cake. Seriously, you have to try it!


Have a great week!


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