Natural Thyroid Treatments: Are You In The 20%

Approximately 20% of thyroid patients have difficulty converting T4 thyroid hormone to the usable T3 thyroid hormone.  For years, synthetic thyroid medications have been the preferred form of treatment in the form of T3 or T4. According to this article by Daniel Clark, he is stating that thyroid doctors and patients have just started to look at all natural treatments and care for thyroid conditions. However, back in the 50’s, natural thyroid was the only hormone used for hypothyroidism. Now days, you can’t find a doctor that isn’t a functional or integrative medicine doctor, who actually will write a prescription for a thyroid hormone other than a synthetic T4, because they have been trained that T4 is all that is needed for patients to feel better, which is not really true.  Studies have shown that most patients have much better symptom control when taking T3, which I know from personal experience, is true.  It is good to see more doctors addressing the conversion issue and are willing to add T3. This article is mainly about a doctor in the Chicago area who is an integrative medicine doctor who uses diet and lifestyle changes in addition to hormones to treat patients.


In this article on they share what a thyroid gland is and 20 things to know. I just don’t agree with the testing, in which is just TSH is mentioned.


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